Oct 27, 2009 K's Choice back in the studio
From November on woodface-members Gert, Reinout, Thomas and Koen will be back in the studio togetherwith Sarah and Eric as K's Choice to record their 5th studio album.
Please check www.kschoice.com or http://twitter.com/gertbettens for more news soon. Woodface will be playing one more acoustic show, just Gert & Reinhout, in "De Piek" in Vlissingen (Holland) on November 27th as a support act for Gabriel Rios.

Jan 23, 2009 2009 Tour dates
Check out the Tour page for a list of acoustic Gert Bettens shows.

Oct 4, 2008 Living Hero project
After the succes of last winter's "Living Roots" tour, Gert will once again join his musician friends on the spin off "Living Hero" tour.
Together with, amongst others, Neeka, Ruben Block (Triggerfinger) and Jan De Campenaere ( Venus in Flames ), he welcomes you to an evening of Neil Young tunes.
All shows are on the Tour page. The project poster can be downloaded here.

Nov 27, 2007 Woodface plays Paradiso + JIM TV
Great news for the dutchies: Woodface plays Paradiso on Jan 14th.  And you can catch Gert on JIM TV's Life is Live show today between 17.00 and 18.00. Gert will bring a live performance of "Comet" and there will be a contest to win some albums.

Nov 20, 2007 New show in Luxemburg
A new show has been added to the tour page: Woodface will be opening for Sarah Bettens on November 28 in Sandweiler's Cultural Centre. It's the very first time since the split of k's Choice that Sarah and Gert will share the same stage! Sarah and Gert already confirmed this will be a special night for both of them !! Be sure not to miss it...

Nov 17 2007 Brand new "I Will Carry You" video!


Oct 30 2007Last tickets for Living Roots Deurne


Oct 22 2007 Re-listen to Woodface on Stubru
Yesterday's "Brussel Vlaams" on Studio Brussel was all about Woodface & Comet. Listen to an in-depth interview (in Dutch) with Gert and some tracks of the album.

Oct 15 2007 New single is Powerplay on national radio
The brand new single "When Colors Fade" has been selected by belgian national radio Classic21 as their weekly Powerplay. Tune in to Classic 21!

Sep 26 2007Audio clips new album
Listen to audio excerpts from every song on the new Comet album on the Music page.

Sep 23 2007 News video clip
Check out Woodface's brand new video clip "When Colors Fade" on Youtube!

Sep 21 2007 Brand-new Woodface album, coming up !
It’s called “Comet”.

A word from Gert Bettens:

Yes : It has been a while.
I am happy to tell you that our second album is finished, and that we can’t wait for it to be released the 15th of October, so we can finally share what we’ve been up to all this time.
Since I’m a sucker for rocks, especially those that are given to fly, I decided to call it “Comet”.
The first single will be “When colors fade”.
For our Belgian friends, or those all around the globe with access to internet radio, the Belgian station Radio 1 has been very supportive thus far.
“When colors fade” may be on air as we speak. (www.radio1.be).

Being aware I will be asked about the nature of “Comet” soon, allow me to give it a try here.

On our first album “Good Morning Hope” we already managed to record some of the tracks live in the studio, without too many overdubs.
I liked that a lot, so we kind of tried taking this to the next level on “Comet”, by playing every single song live with the 5 of us.
“Us” still being Reinout Swinnen on keyboards, Koen Victor Lieckens on drums, Thomas Vanelslander on guitar, Mirko Banovic on bass, and myself singing and playing along to it all.
To me, this approach really captured what Woodface is about after almost 2 years of live-shows and late-night rehearsals : a 5 piece rock band with a big heart that we believe has gotten a little bit bigger and definitely heavier since the first album .

My new good friend Dirk Miers saw to it that all the excitement got on tape, and later mixed 11 songs like the experienced technician he is. Darcy Proper then did her magic mastering “Comet” at the Galaxy studios.

And now, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

gert bettens


July 13, 2007Gert as guest-musician
Besides new Woodface-shows later this year that still need to be announced, Gert will also be playing as a guest-musician together with the band Living Roots throughout october 2008.
Together with Ruben Block ( Triggerfinger ), Jan De Campenaere ( Venus in Flames ), Mich Walschaerts (Komilfoo) and a bunch of other fine musicians they will perform there favorite tunes. 
All dates are on the Tour page.

June 13, 2007Comet
Gert just finished the final mixes of his second solo album. No exact release schedule has been issued yet, but it's plain that the new material won't be out before next fall/winter.
Consequently, it's clear that, with no new album or single before the summer, there are very few chances to see Woodface appear at any major rock festival, but NEVERTHELESS real fans can already get a pre-listening experience as Woodface will headline the Rock'Air Festival in Porrentruy, Switzerland, on August 4th (www.rockair.ch) and Gert and Reinout will play two "Arena concerts" in Opwijk and Buggenhout (Buggenhout zomert) on respectively the 13th and 16th of August.
These last two shows will be acoustic sets of 2 hours (!!!), mixing old and new Woodface material, k's Choice material and Beatles covers! Absolutely worth visiting... and it's for free !! More details about these concerts will follow

May 7, 2007Gert goes green
Gert has announced that he will come up for the next federal elections in June for the green party “Groen”. Next thursday evening, May 10th, Gert will bring a musical contribution during a pre-electoral happening of the green party at the University of Antwerp. Click here to see the program.

22 Jan 2007 New album & New tour  
As we speak, Gert is fully concentrating on the follow-up album for Good Morning Hope. As a matter of fact, all new songs have already been captured on demo and the entire Woodface gang is ready to dive into the studio within a couple of weeks. Mirko, Koen, Reinout and Thomas are still Gert's loyal partners in musical crime and straight forward rock'n'roll is what you can expect. The new album will make you rock until you drop! But, you won't have to wait until the release of the new album to see Gert in action. Much more relaxed, in a purely acoustic setting, Gert and his keyboard player Reinout will start a small club tour in March, together with their fellow musician Jan De Campenaere from Venus in Flames. Both singer-songwriters will share the same bill as individual musicians, so you can expect two solo concerts on the same evening ! The "double solo" tour will start on March 2nd in Tilburg, Holland. You'll find all details on the tour page.

09 Sep 2006Woodface live on national TV
Make sure you don’t miss Woodface live in “Brussel Vlaams de luxe” on Belgian national TV (Canvas) on Sunday 19th november 2006!